Sedation & General Anesthesia

Our goal is to provide safe and high quality pediatric dental care in a comfortable setting. Some children are naturally relaxed in our environment and readily accept treatment. For some children, achieving this goal may require some form of sedation.

Mild, Moderate & Deep Sedation

Sedation is necessary when a child is unable to tolerate the routine delivery of dental care, due to age, general anxiety or the amount of dental work needed.

Mild Sedation

Nitrous Oxide

Children that have mild behavioural and cooperation concerns can use Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, to help with reducing the gag reflex or mild levels of anxiety. A small mask will rest over their nose for the Nitrous Oxide to flow through during the appointment. After the visit, the child receives 100% fresh Oxygen and the Nitrous Oxide leaves their system in a matter of only a few minutes.

Moderate Sedation

Oral Sedation

Healthy children that need help with cooperation due to extensive dental needs and/or higher level of anxiety can benefit from oral sedation combined with Nitrous Oxide provided in our office. A small amount of a liquid sedative agent is given to your child an hour prior to their scheduled appointment allowing your child to relax before any dental procedures begin. They will be able to walk and talk and may become drowsy so it’s best to keep them seated. During the appointment, your child will be able to respond to verbal commands and should be comfortable and sleepy. Children can return to normal school or play activity the very next day.

Deep Sedation

General Anesthesia

Some children may require deeper levels of sedation or general anesthesia which would be conducted at a fully equipped licensed facility or hospital by an anesthesiologist. It is provided by using a combination of intravenous drugs and inhaled gases, and puts a patient into a completely unconscious state.  Dr. Chen maintains medical privileges at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, Cowichan District Hospital, Seafield Surgical Centre and is able to provide care for his most fragile patients at those facilities. Often children wake up after treatment without any issues, but some may be a little upset or disoriented. This state typically passes quickly but we will not release your child into your care until they are recovered to the required level of consciousness

Experience Matters

College of Dental Surgeons of BC

Dr. Chen is registered with the College of Dental Surgeons of BC (CDSBC) to provide oral and inhalation sedation techniques.  The CDSBC provides guidelines and regulates clinics to ensure your child is visiting a dentist who has registered their qualifications and has proven they have the proper monitoring equipment to care for in-clinic sedation.

Please don’t hesitate to call our office with any questions you may have.